Beta Keys!

This post is no longer updated. Check out our closed beta keys page!

Do you still need a beta key for Allods Online? Well, I personally don’t have any! But I know of a few ways you can secure one. Yes, I know MMORPG and ORPG ran out. But here are other ways:

The easiest way currently is registering an account at ZAM and then visit this page. Currently ZAM still has beta keys to give out. It won’t be long until they dry up however so other ways:

It also looks like that Bitmob still has keys too! Check it out by clicking here.

Thanks to our new author Twilightstar, I found out that MMOSite has beta keys left. Around a thousand of them left! Click here to check em out.

Also it looks like Creeping Darkness has a giveaway going as well! Check them out! Click here for details!

Getting keys from Creeping Darkness, ZAM and MMOSite seems easier then Bitmob’s right now. But they’re all great sources!

– Sign up for twitter, and check now and then via searching for people who have extra keys with terms such as ‘allods key’ ‘allods beta key’ or even ‘allods open beta key’ with terms including ‘allods online beta key’ etc.
– Keep an eye on other social media websites, and gaming sites. The keys can come back at any moment! Don’t drive yourself nuts, it is only a beta. 🙂

Good luck! Any other beta key sources you know of feel free to email me at =]

    • Twilightstar
    • December 7th, 2009

    Need to get this set for a search key. I tried searching for it on the bar above and it gave me nothing.

  1. December 8th, 2009

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