Finding the Postal Worker in Novograd

Sadly, I cannot find a postal worker near the auction house. I think this will be a bit annoying after launch if we have to keep running across the city to get mail, but it isn’t a far run from the bank, or auctionhouse if you know where to go.

The Postal Worker is in the Trade District (you know the place you walk through when you entered Novograd for your first time). He’s near the doorway to the Elven District. Here is a map of where he is (look for the sparkle!):

The Postal Worker, of course is carrying a mail bag and looks like this:

You see! He’s not that hard to find! He’s really out in the open, not hiding behind something or in a confusing building.

Enjoy. :). Feel free to send me a letter or two! I play Azar. :).

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