First Impressions

I spent some time exploring Novograd, and am enjoying this massive city. I decided I needed to go actually kill something, and stop being a city boy, so instead of yet another guide now I am offering you player opinions from the zone of Lightwood! So, while questing and killing I whispered random people and asked a few simple questions. Here they are, person by person:

How are you enjoying Allods Online so far?

Scuzzy (level 9) says: Its fun, its a really easy game to just jump in and play and I can’t wait to see some of the pvp aspects and the talent tree looks unique and interesting.

Cimy (level 10) says: Actually pretty cool, far exceeds my expectations.

Kintara (level 9) says: I like it a lot really it’s a lot different than World of Warcrack [Warcraft] or WAR [Warhammer] but it has features I liked from WAR (but couldn’t afford to keep lol) and another Freebie game RoM (Runes of Magic) but I like the detail of everything and the quests aren’t just go kill X monster X times rinse repeat. Plus the mobs are of decent difficulty for all classes (I’ve played so far Warden, Brawler, Psionicist) and the Boss type monters are as hard as you’d expect them to be without being complete overkill requiring 50 players to try to take out.

Only gripe I have is that Warriors don’t have an Aggro grabber at early levels to efficiently tank away from the cloth folk.

How are you liking the tanking ability in this game?

Namaell (level 13) says: Great for what I saw. Better then WoW at least, more thrilling and exciting than spamming only holy shield :P. I’ll see when I’ll be higher level, but for now its good.

How are you liking playing a healer in Allods Online?

Dougamer (level 10) says: Really fun, everyone wants me in their parties. 😛

I decided to ask Dougamer another question; What do you like most about being a healer in this game? and he replied with: Being able to help people who need it, even if they aren’t in my party.

Well! Thats it for now! I’ll try to get more opinions tomorrow! =D.

    • Tyler
    • December 5th, 2009

    Just wanted to mention the person who mentions RoM meant Runes of Magic not Rise of Magic 🙂

    • I corrected it, just in case. The screenshot however remains how it is. Thank you, Tyler.

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