Finding the Goblin Innkeeper in Novograd

For now this blog is focused on the Kania side of Allods Online (English Version) due to me primarily playing my demonologist.

This is the first post of hopefully many in this new blog. Hopefully many, many more will arrive as I venture further into Allods Online. This game is stunning both visually and in content. It is rich in quests, and none of it feels dull yet. The only problem is fighting for the boar spawn. haha. But all in all, it is extremely fun. If you haven’t tried the closed beta yet, I recommend you do so when you can. :). It is worth it.

In the city of Novograd there is a wealth of npcs (non player characters) that offer a wide range of services from training, to innkeeping. The innkeeper removes fatigue from your character, so you gain the blue part of your experience bars. Visiting the Goblin Innkeeper is a good idea whenever you are near one. (All images in this guide can be clicked on for larger versions)

In Novograd the Goblin Innkeeper is located to the south of the city in the Main Market, not far from the auctioneers. Check this map out; and travel to this location that is sparkling:

Now, you will realize you cannot get inside at first, or you see a bunch of buildings. Look for this building by the auctioneers:

Go up the stairs to the left, and you should find a doorway at the end of the hall/platform:

Now when you walk inside the inn it should look something like:

You cannot immediately see the Goblin Innkeeper when you walk in because of the short stature. Walk to the second table in the front you see, with the green glass bottle on it. When you’re at the table, the Goblin Innkeeper should now be in plain sight:

Now that is how you find the Goblin Innkeeper! Happy resting! :). Also, right outside of Novogard is another Goblin Innkeeper at this location on the map:

    • Rach
    • May 21st, 2012

    Hey, so I’m probably a complete idiot for not knowing.. But do you have to do a quest before being able to rest?
    I can’t talk to the Innkeeper?! Or do I just have to be in the Inn to rest. I’m a bit confused, sorry. But thanks, your guide helped me find the Innkeeper atleast. Ta 🙂

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