In Game Screenshots

When you press the ‘print screen’ button on your keyboard, a screenshot is taken. Many people just paste it into an image processor. But there is no need, the game actually saves screenshots as well. Here is how you find your screenshots:

1) Go to where your game is installed. By default it is usually: C:\\Allods Online or sometimes C:\Program Files\\Allods Online

2) Click on the folder called ‘Personal’:

3) Now you should see a folder called ‘Screenshots’:

4) Open up your screenshots folder, and voila! Your screenshots you took in game! :). Be sure to visit the official Allods Online forum and enter your screenshots in for screenshot of the day!

Some tips for better screenshots:

-) Increase your graphics settings to a level you like.
-) Use ALT + Z to hide the user interface. Use ALT + Z when you want it back.
-) Move around a bit, sometimes things come better at different angles.
-) Dismiss pet, they can be pesky and get in the way.
-) Scroll all the way in, so your character won’t be in the shot (if you don’t want your character in the shot).

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