Anachnophobia – Raids Work!

The quest Arachnophobia is annoying. It is the first actually hard mob you will run into on the League side of the game. This quest requires you to kill a spider named Mizgir. The quest giver, Shur Diamondev (the quest says Schuru Almazov, but it is incorrect) whom is an alchemist has a fear of spiders. So he asks the brave adventures to slay the great spider known as Mizgir. Mizgir was named by some woodsmen a while back.

This great spider rests in her territory on Adder Plateau with other spiders whom are neutral and hostile to adventurers. Careful though! This is a group quest and she is hostile. If you stand too close to Mizgir she’d attack.

Allods Online, unlike other games has a party system that holds up to six people. The ideal makeup would be 3-4 dps, 1 tank, 1-2 healers. Make sure that one healer is a cleric/priest. However, finding some healers can be hard. Sometimes there are a bunch of dps that want to go. Convert to a raid.

But, won’t a raid not give me credit? Nope! You get credit for group quests in a raid, and it can make a npc like Mizgir easy. We had a group of twelve, and wow! It was a tough fight. We lost about four people, minions, ran out of mana before the spider died. But we did it after a good few minutes of fighting.

So, all in all. Raids work on quests! The ui for raids is still buggy, but workable. Here are some screenshots:

Here is the quest giver and his hut:

Here is a map for those of you who don’t travel on the road (go to the sparkle):

Happy questing! 🙂

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