Interview with Elamo; Summoner with a Zombie Pet!

After I hit my fatigue cap today I decided to go do the annoying quest called ‘Almost for Free’ at the Eastern Sawmill. I wanted another Intact Mite Shell. As soon as I arrived I saw this level thirteen Summoner named Elamo there with…not a skeleton but a zombie!

Yes, a zombie! Summoners can learn to summon a zombie as soon as level thirteen by investing four rubies in the acid bolt talent grid. This is the earliest talent grid layout of which you can archive a zombie at level thirteen:

So I asked for an interview and he gave me one:

Me: Can you tell me a bit about yourself?
Elamo: I’m 20 years old. mmorpg freak that carries the name Nick.
Me: Why did you want the Zombie in the first place?
Elamo: Because I wanted to test a special pet. I love pets. 😛
Me: Was the zombie worth the four rubies you had to spend in the talent grid to get it?
Elamo: No. lol.
Me: Why not?
Elamo: Because he’s ugly and does 50ish damage to a mob half his level and he needs like 2-3 seconds to fire his bolt. Also he has no casting animation, he shoots from his belly.
Me: If you can have one thing in the zombie changed, what would it be?
Elamo: Uhm, make him look more buff and bigger, badass/dangerous/etc and make him melee based like skeleton, just with extra skills.
Me: For he can be worth the four rubies?
Elamo: Oh one thing.
Me: Yes?
Elamo: Make him like the skeleton, melee tank, just with extra stuff.
Me: You say your zombie does 50 damage, how much does your skeleton do?
Elamo: Let me check.

Elamo summoned his skeleton and had his skeleton fight a few Hungry Mites.

Elamo: He did 60 and hits faster.
Me: But he holds aggro off of you, unlike the zombie, right?
Elamo: Yeah. Kinda.
Me: How are you liking the Summoner class?
Elamo: Hmmm. I dunno. They’re fun, but it feels weird to have a hybrid warlock/necromancer’ish class + healer.
Me: Any advice for other Summoners?
Elamo: Do not take the zombie pet until devs change him lol, he’s a waste of 4 rubies.

After the interview we talked a bit, while I was typing of the transcript. Found out we were both born in the same year, and same month and have the same first name. haha. XP. But anyways, hope you enjoyed the interview! Here are some other screenshots:

Elamo side by side with a Skeleton and a Zombie.

The Zombie shooting his bolt. It looks like the Summoner ability 'Acid Bolt'

The zombie standing next to a level two skeleton.

  1. Zombies no longer exist!

    • Deyvson
    • January 24th, 2010

    I thought the zombie would be about dps, while the skeleton about tanking.

  2. This gave me some insight, lol. Looks like I’ll take my 4 rubies elsewhere.

    • Same here, considering I’m playing a Summoner. The zombie looks okay to me…but I would’ve expected something more badass. xD.

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