Talent Grids and Rubies

Do you want to know how these talent grids work? Such as this one:

Example of a Summoner's Acid Bolt Talent Grid

Well some details were made clear by dchipeev on the official forums and here is a write up of exactly how it works:

  • Rubies are bought from class trainers.
  • You can get 38 rubies on a character.
  • 31 rubies are from leveling from 10 to 40 (31 dings basically).
  • 7 from World Mystery quest chains.
  • To claim one square it costs 1 ruby.
  • Empty squares CAN be claimed.
  • Empty squares cost 1 ruby each.
  • You cannot spend more then 1 ruby per square.
  • You can only purchase squares with rubies that are connected with each other. Up, down, left or right. Diagonal doesn’t work.
  • The cost to buy a ruby increases with each level. Starting at 1 gold at level 10; increasing to about 14 gold at level 29.

Now lets say I want this ability:

This ability is one point to the left of the center in the acid bolt talent grid. So the square I will need to buy is shaded in red:

Now I can buy the square to the left of the one I just bought for another ruby. Remember, they must all be connected to the center and trailing off to up, down, right or left. So buying the one to the left would work:

Now, lets say I want the item in the square above and left my new square. So a diagonal to the upper left (shaded in light blue):

Now that won’t work! Because it is a diagonal. But, I can take the one to the right of the blue square and above the red square:

Now the above works. :). Enjoy your talent grids! Be sure to check out the other talent grids by clicking on their tabs; like my current one has three different talent grids:

See ya in game. 😉

  1. December 4th, 2009
  2. December 5th, 2009

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