Almost for Free / Nothing is Free Quests

Many mmorpgers will know back in World of Warcraft the great dreaded quests were the collecting  murloc head quests for Alliance or for Horde players collecting the Helcular’s Rod for a quest from the ferocious yetis. Why were they dreaded? Because of the low drop rate. You can literally play for hours killing the correct monster and the item will never drop.

This was recently fixed in a later patch, increasing the drop rate, but they are still large grinds that many people just skip, to save themselves the time. Now, the League and the Empire have a similar quest for a 24 slot bag (the quest says 21 slots) and they are grinds.

The League’s quest Almost for Free requires them to collect:

  • 3 Iridescent Bee Wings
  • 1 Intact Yak Bone
  • 1 Majestic Deer Antlers
  • 3 Intact Mite Shell

I personally spent over three hours killing Hungry Mites and only got two to drop. Also the League needs to collect 3 wings from bees, and there are plenty of bee quests. I must’ve killed nearly 40 bees while on the quests, and another 40 off the quests. Guess how many wings I got? One.

Others claim they have spent hours collecting these parts, but couldn’t find one and just gave up. Many of the upper levels in Allods Online are returning to Lightwood to grind these mobs once they reach their fatigue cap. However, it seems the Majestic Deer Antlers and the Intact Yak Bone isn’t too much of a problem.

Now the Empire has a quest just like this called Nothing is Free, and apparently according to some it is much, much harder then the League’s. Here is what the Empire needs:

  • 11 Flint
  • 12 Chitinous Shell
  • 8 Rhino Liver
  • 10 Hyena Skin

malak900 on the official North America forums claims he killed a hundred hyenas and only got two skins, and twenty rhinos and got one liver. He makes the claim that the rhino liver was a lucky drop. From chat in game, it seems that finding the Chitinous Shells are soso, but not as hard as the Rhino Liver or the Hyena Skins; and that the Flint are the easiest part.

After talking to a few people who’ve tried both sides of this quest, it seems clear that the Empire side has it tougher.

jinxedian on the official North America forums believes that the quests were meant to show the advantages of the cash shop. The price of a 24 slot bag is cheap. So the players who invest time in the quest get a bigger bag. Those with extra money can also get a bigger bag without doing the quest.

So far the Item Shop / Cash Shop doesn’t seem to provide any huge advantage over people who won’t be investing money into it, as those people who invest more time in the game can compete with the ones with extra money in real life.

You all are the community of Allods Online, what is your opinion?

    • igbboman
    • February 7th, 2010

    so u can buy a bag then, without having to pay real life money

  1. It should be that because of the absolute NEED to have more bag space at higher levels, it actually become easier (Less time) to acquire the components for the larger bag. It will not unbalance the game in no fashion and it would help get some of the higher levels to comeback and possibly be around to help lower levels with quests or answer some questions they may have in that zone. To actually spend 3-9 hours killing deer or yak makes no snese in that the end game will suffer.

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