Finding the Summoner (Demonologist) Trainer in Novograd

Did you decide to take the path of being a Summoner (Elves: Demonologist)? During your travels you’ll need to find your class trainer for you can buy rubies or even reset talents or stats.

The Summoner Trainer’s name is Reno de Desirae and he is located in the Elven District in Novograd. He is one of the easier class trainers to find, due to him not being hidden by other npcs. He stands out due to a Banshee standing besides him. To find him go to the sparkle on this map:

And here is what the summoner trainer looks like:

For a quick way to remember his location, remember the Elven District and the exit of the city. He is right on the path you have to cross to leave the city through the Elven District.

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