How to find the treasure, in Lightwood

The quest ‘Treasure!’ can be difficult as it is one of the few quests in the game that doesn’t show you where to go on your map. Lost in trying to find the treasure? Never fear; I shall tell you how to find this annoying treasure box!

1) Firstly go to the Eastern Sawmill in Lightwood.

2) Go to the mountains further East of the Sawmill and walk north until you find this spot on your map (go to where the sparkle on this map below is):

3) There will be a mountain pathway up. On the path up the mountain stick to the left and jump, so you won’t slip. Now once you’re at the top, follow the green lush path in the mountains. Be careful to not fall off!

4) Follow the green path in the mountains:

5) In the screenshot right above this one, you should see some trash on the ground. Approach it, and look inside the crater/hole and voila an iron chest! The treasure!

That chest was the more common one. There is another chest hidden in the Dead Thicket here:

Just be aware when going to the one in the Dead Thicket, the mobs are a higher level then the mountain one near the Eastern Sawmill. You can visit both these chests daily to get a free Iron Chest with a valuable item inside as a source of money. (Thanks to SeerOfPandara for confirming this). Me and Twilightstar traveled to the location on December 7, 2009 early in the morning and I now have screenshots of it:

In the grass closer to the tree you should see a decomposed skeleton; this is the treasure source:

  1. 10x for the help…

    • Laval
    • December 5th, 2009

    Hi there 😉

    Great guide with pictures and some text. Like it.

    But there is another chest in this zone. It’s in the Dead Thicket.

    • Thanks! Found it here:

  1. December 11th, 2009
  2. February 15th, 2010

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