Finding the Mage (Magician/Archmage) Trainer in Novograd

Did you decide to walk on the great path of the magi? So you’re a mage! The mage (Kanian: Magician | Elves: Archmage) trainer can be found in the Elven District, though he isn’t exactly in plain sight sometimes. Here is how you find Felix de Grandeur, the mage trainer:

Enter the Elven District and at the intersection look toward the spiral:

See the staircase on the left, across from the right staircase with people on it? Walk closer to the spiral, and look to the side of the building that is connected to the staircase with the railing. You should see a man that looks like this:

He is the Mage trainer. He should be at this exact location on the map (check the sparkle):

Sometimes he has an elemental friend at his side. This is him with a water elemental:

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