Gold Fever Quest Guide

The quest Gold Fever in Siveria can be misleading. Often times I found people saying in zone chat you need a group for it. In fact you don’t. You have to find metalic veins along the mountain side by the river leading to Salt Lake. Here is what the veins look like:

I made a map of Siveria. The red line represents where I found the veins to spawn at. The black line represents the highest concentration. Here it is:

You have to keep gathering from the veins until you get all 10 ore you need for the quest. I personally went to a total of fifteen veins before I got all ten ore. While doing this, I recommend staying away from the Salt Lake as those goblins are tough and with a fast respawn rate!

Considering the math, the chance of getting a ore out of one vein is 66.33% percent of the time, which is two thirds (2/3) or 2 out of 3 times. The chance of getting nothing is 33.33% which is 1 out of 3 times.

Good luck! And perhaps, you’ll be the next great miner!

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