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It has been a very successful first three days! The amount of visits to this blog has been rising, and I have been getting a lot of good feedback! I am glad that you are all enjoying this blog and the resource it provides! I have no plans on stopping this blog any time in the foreseeable future.

This entry is just general website news. Firstly, it looks like the NA (North America) Allods Online team seems to like my blog, as seen in the testimonials in the right sidebar. This made me smile.

Firstly, those of you who have come before you’d realize the theme that we’re using is different. It is no longer the old, Quentin theme. I agree that the Quentin theme was good, and looked like a newspaper. But, it had its flaws. Dates did not show up correctly. It did not credit authors. It didn’t even show trackbacks correctly. This new theme was decided with easy on the eye, professionalism, and ease of navigation in mind. And due to this new theme, screenshot sizes without clicking on them are bigger!

Now, you would notice a new feature in the sidebar. I noticed on my visitors feed people were translating my blog into Russian and Polish via online translators. So, I added the flags of Russia, Poland, Germany and France, the other languages that have Allods Online. I hope that helps you guys. :). I’m glad you all choose to check this resource out!

Also, I have redone the Guides page and it is now easier to read and find sections. The entries are in alphabetical order, and the sections are now more logical with no repeats. On the guides page it introduces the new city guide I spent the better part of the day working on. Took a lot of trial and error and I’m proud of it!

Check it out by clicking here. Right now, three of four of the city sections isn’t finished yet. I’ll be getting to those when I get around to it. The only currently finished section right now is the Elven District. So be sure to check out the Elven District portion to see what I have done! I hope you guys enjoy this! I am proud of it! Image maps was harder then I thought, luckily was very helpful =D.

I still plan on getting a domain name for this website. My target is sometime in January, to see how things go. :). Well, anyways I hope you all enjoyed the updates! Thank you for making the Novograd Times a reference source!

One last thing, we are seeking authors! Do you want to write for the Novograd Times? Want your own column on a topic of your choice? If so check out the Seeking Authors page!


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