A guide to MMO Terminology

It is weird at first, stepping into Allods for the first time, and seeing Zone chat slurred with numerous comments and announcements.  Often times people are asking what certain terms mean, so here is your first chat channel guide.

WTB: Want to buy, often used in trade for players looking for specific items or materials for crafting or to purchase. Usually followed with a listed price or offered sum.

WTT: Want to trade, similar to WTB except it’s used to trade off an item for one of equal value. Sometimes the best bargins are found without spending a pile of gold, my friends.

WTS: Want to sell, frequently used by traders to advertise gear, weapons or materials quickly.

LFM: Looking for member, normally used for looking only a few more players to help with a quest or to fill in a last spot in a raid. (Also known on warcraft, as first sign of a pug. *joking*)

LFG: Looking for group, sometimes yelled the player is either on a difficult quest or seeking a raid for one of the harder boss monsters.

WTH: What the hell, short hand.

WTF: Not defining this one, if you don’t know it, go back under your rock.

SS’ed: Screen shotted.

There may be others I’ve missed, but these are the most commonly used from what I’ve seen so far in game. Please do feel free to comment and add others that I might not have noted yet, I hope this helps!

Creds to Azar for these. Dunno why they slipped my mind.

brb: Be right back.
dc’d: Disconnected
AFK: Away from Keyboard; when said in chat it means basically be right back.
IMO: In my opinion.

Another one that I just remembered was DND: Do not disturb.

LOL:Laugh out loud

ROFL:Rolling on the floor laughing

OMW: On my way

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  3. Nice entry post Twilightstar! =D. Here are some others I seen used in Allods:

    brb: Be right back.
    dc’d: Disconnected
    AFK: Away from Keyboard; when said in chat it means basically be right back.
    IMO: In my opinion.

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