Explaining the new theme.

The feedback on the new theme so far has been mixed. I am Azar, the founder of the Novograd Times.

Many people say that the old theme I was using, was great for the Novograd Times because how it looked. I agree. I loved the colors. I loved the simple design. It was a great theme. This theme is called Quentin. However, I had problems with this theme. These were the problems:

-) Comments got displayed funny in some browsers.
-) pingbacks were not seperated
-) the date did not work half the time.
-) The CSS caused a bit of a problem in Chrome and Safari sometimes.
-) I had to manually decrease the text size because by default it was massive in some places.

And finally, it did not credit the authors. The Novograd Times started off with just me, Azar, but now we have another author, named Twilightstar. I expect in the future there will be more contributing authors to bring great content to you guys. The theme did not tell you who wrote the article at all, I didn’t like that. It felt credit was being chipped.

Even though the old theme was beautiful, simple, and I’ll admit it, amazing, it was too buggy, sadly. If it gets fixed, I will gladly go back to it. But, it looks like it hasn’t been in tiptop shape for a while. I apologize. :(.

    • Twilightstar
    • December 7th, 2009

    It’s alright Azar! I’m glad you changed the theme though. This looks alot cleaner. Looking forward to writing up some interviews for this weeks spotlight!

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