Migrating to Siveria

After Lightwood the League players get to go to their third zone. This zone is a snowy place known as Siveria. I had the opportunity to interview two players in the frozen North: HiddenSausage a level 11 mage and Rhendorr a level 15 paladin.

How did you like the transition from Lightwood to Siveria?


So far I enjoy it. I always like snow based zones and while Lightwood was pretty, I prefer this type of environment.


I actually rather enjoyed it. The snowy region isn’t too harsh (compared to other games). And it was a pleasant change in scenery. I also like the animation of the characters breath when they exhale, nice touch.

In Siveria there are many zones to quest in, so far what was your favorite, so far?


Seeing as I’ve just arrived here, the first one. 😛


Gravestein. I love the Gibberling children and the zombie related quests there.

Think back to Lightwood, what was your favorite quest there?


Hmm, I think the Gibberlings ones, such as the zoo animals and treasure were the ones I liked most. I looooove those Gibberlings (I don’t play one as they don’t have the mage/summoner or priest class available to them). The treasure one was fun as it was so hard to find. I like that it encourages people to look for help.


Hmm. Good question. Probably the Oreshek quests. The instance was very enjoyable. I also like the innkeepers quests, it was very silly and entertaining.

Now in Siveria so far, what was your favorite quest?


Well I’ve really only started questing here, but so far the quest to collect the pine cones is kinda a laugh. You have to hit a tree to make the cones fall, but you also knock a crazed sabertooth squirrel out of the tree that attacks you. I dunno what it is about this game. Between the crazy squirrels on this quest and the rabid sabertooth squirrel boss in Lightwood that ate my face off when I tried to solo him, I quickly replaced spiders with squirrels as my most feared animal.

I plan to go back to the Rabid squirrel when I’m a higher level and kill him while naked so I can point and laugh at him for revenge.


Possibly the Challenging the Orcs quest. Befriending the tiger tribe and fighting my way up hill.

In the Siveria town of Molotovka you can kill the cats that roam around in the city. There is a dog near a dog house. Do you wish you can show those cats mercy by taking down that dog you cannot target?


It is so unfair. Why can we kill poor little kittens while those dirty dogs are free to roam around and leg humping everyone that passes by. Equality for the cats I say!


Hahaha. Oh every time. I used to play WoW (World of Warcraft) and I was a big critter killer in dungeons and such.

Are you looking forward to the Frozen Frontier that comes after Siveria?


I don’t know much about it, but I always enjoy seeing new zones. However my main interest is in the faction v Faction PvP that hopefully this game supports. I’m more interested in seeing the Holylands and how PvP pans out as that will be the deciding factor for me whether or not I play the game or not.


Yes very much. I can’t wait to see how its different than this zone.

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