Beta Keys Update

Remember the old post that had a listing of beta key sources? Well, I have turned it into a page that can be seen up above in the navigation under the name Closed Beta Keys. A few things changed since the last post. Of course, the last post has been updated with new information, but now it won’t.

The new page shows that the Novograd Times has beta keys to give out for the NA closed beta! These keys will be good even for closed beta three when it hits! We are currently halfway through with closed beta 2. Thanks to Kate from Gala-Net for providing us with these keys.

When you first got your closed beta key, do you remember the trouble you had? Couldn’t find the redeem link? Can’t figure out how to download the client? Want to know what to expect? Installer got corrupted when patching? Well, on our closed beta keys page, I cover all of this information with a step by step guide.

No other source I seen offered something as detailed as we did, I really hope it helps your friends, family, people who want a beta key out. ^^. If you have a friend that wants a beta key, be sure to send him our way! ^^.

On that page is also a listing of all the other places that have beta keys. They are all NA client though. Sorry EU client seeking folks! It seems that EU keys are dried up at the moment.

I hope you enjoy this new resource! ^^.


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