Finding the Treasure in Siveria

Remember the days of searching for that ever elusive treasure in Lightwood? Well, Siveria has one treasure quest too, given to you by the Gibberling family in Molotovka (the first town in Siveria). This treasure is harder to find and harder to get to!

What makes it hard to get to this treasure is that it is guarded by hostile orcs. The orcs of the Tiger Tribe. Like the Lightwood treasures, it is repeatable, but it can be difficult to get to for the impatient and those level fourteen and below. These orcs can really tear you apart. But, if you are willing to risk your precious life here is how you get there:

Firstly go to this spot on your map (look for the arrow near the center):

This is the village of the Tiger Tribe. Walk up to the gates. The gates look like:

Once you’re in go behind the pine trees.

You can run through the trees, and across the snow for a short cut. You should reach a hillside behind those trees:

And go up that path you see going up the mountains. But be aware! Those orcs, unlike the others are hostile! These ones hurt too!

As you follow the path up you should eventually see a wooden fence:

Keep killing orcs until you reach the fence. Stay by the fence you see in the above picture. Don’t sway to the left, keep to the right. When you get to it, go behind the fence:

If you are level fourteen or below you will likely have to kill those two orcs you see above. Level fifteen and above can easily hug the fence, and pass them. Go past those orcs, to the place in between the trees and the fence:

Pass the big pine tree and you should see something that looks like an odd rock, or metallic vein. When you hover over it the name it’ll read is ‘Metallic Lode’.

Congratulations! You have found the treasure in Siveria! Yay!

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