A Day Traveling with a Warrior Named Wall

Today I met up with a warrior out in Siveria by the name of Wall. He was a fine bodyguard, I cannot think of one better then Wall yet! He escorted me through Darkwater to take some awesome screenshots of him fighting away.

Me: Hello there Wall! You were one of the first players to hit twenty, right?
Wall: As far as I know, there was only one or two people running around Darkwater at the time.
Me: Can you tell us a bit about yourself?
Wall: I like to help people, make people laugh and try to be reliable if possible.
Me: What class do you play?
Wall: Warrior, but of a tanking build.
Me: How do you like tanking in this game so far?
Wall: I liked gibberlings and tanking, so I figured why not both? And they are great at it. High agility to block, parry or dodge and since they are of the warrior class, great damage as well.
Me: What do you dislike the most about tanking?
Wall: Hmm…that’s a tough question, since I generally do love everything about it. But if there’s something I’d say it would be to wish I could take even more damage. I can already solo red bosses a few levels lower.
Me: So far in game, what is your favorite zone?
Wall: I really like Darkwater, it has a dark music and a dark atmoshphere about it, plus it has a level 20 instance. I always liked big forest areas as well.
Me: Sweet. If you could improve one thing about your class, what would it be? Besides taking more damage.
Wall: I wish the insult skill was better, it only lasts a few seconds. But, if it was longer I could keep aggro for quite some time.
Me: Are you looking forward to leveling your character to the next cap?
Wall: Yep. I don’t see why not. There’s a constant demand for tanks and there needs to be people who play them, and so I volunteer and have fun with it.
Me: Out of all the classes in the game, which do you wish there were more of besides your own?
Wall: I really don’t see that many wardens for some reasons. They are great for support for their heal over time and their potions that can be used in battle as well as many ways to cripple the enemy. At high levels I mean. I don’t see that many wardents at high levels. XP Even though the first one to hit 20 that I saw was a warden.

Here are some great screenshots of this Gibberling family in battle:

Oh, by the way, Gibberlings LOOOOOOOOVE to drink:

  1. This is one of my favorite interviews on Novograd Times.

    • Corvo
    • December 21st, 2009

    Good Job wall, one of the best tankers in league side great interview.

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