EU GMs Reveal Details!

It looks like a total of five ‘Ask the Game Master’ questions have been answered by the EU Allods Online Team! Lots of questions were asked back in this thread These questions started coming in around mid November, 2009.

Ffrenki asked: Will the game have expansions and updated content?
Allods replied: The Allods Online universe is constantly altered and changed. There will be updates and patches, and there are already several expansions planned. Work on the first expansion is already underway by a dedicated team at Astrum Nival. While we cannot reveal any more information at this time, be sure to keep an eye on our official website, Facebook Fanpage, Ning, and Twitter and for future announcements.

Xcrosspictures asked: Will there be funny events in the game? For Christmas, Halloween, Midsummer… and so on.
Allods replied: The Allods Online Game Master team is committed to making the Sarnaut universe an involved and dynamic environment. Several events have already been planned and implemented for the Closed Beta Test, and we hope to bring you many more events. If you have any suggestions for events you would like to see in game, please feel free to post here.

Xcrosspictures asked: Will there be any mounts of any kind?
Allods replied: Land mounts are not planned at release for Allods Online, however at level 35 you will be able to start the quest chain to obtain your own Astral ship. These ships will allow you to travel out into the Deep Astral as well as defend your ship and your treasure against pirate attacks. You can also customise your Astral ship, making it like a floating home.

Staperr asked: Will be there any chance to keep my character after closed beta?
Allods replied: All characters who reach level 17 during Open Beta testing will be able to keep their character’s name at launch.

Matallon asked: Will there be a wipe when CB or OB ends?
Allods replied: All server wipes will be announced in advance, but for the current phase of Closed Beta Test, a server wipe is planned. All characters and items will be completely erased before the launch of Closed Beta Test 2.

Now! These were interesting answers! I am eager to know what is planned! I’m sure many others are too. And holiday events are always fun! I do severely hope they’d be spread out and not all centralized where we’d have to work for hours to finish a single quest for the holidays (thats no fun).

And, it is understandable that when launch happens there is going to be a wipe. Surprised to see that question win the poll, but it did. So I guess none of them got to keep their Closed Beta 1 characters. But will they keep them for part 3? It seems they’re unsure about it now.

I DO LOVE the open beta idea! You get to KEEP your character’s name at launch! Brilliant! I hope the NA client does this as well. I want to keep my name for sure.

Though, I do have to raise the question, why is an expansion being worked on already? But, it does make me think the first expansion will probably be coming out in a year or two. But how are they working on an expansion when the basis game isn’t done yet? Or what are they working on now? My best guest: the artwork and the story.

Thank you Allods Online EU Team for answering these!

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