Extra Rubies in Russia?

Well it seems that Russia has released that chests that contains a rare item can sometimes give, yes sometimes a RUBY!

So on the set 38 obtainable rubies there is a chance for more? It seems it will be set up to award players who play the game more a higher chance at gaining a ruby over those that play little.

And on top of this the chance of the ruby is low. So it is rare. Each time a ruby is gained through the chests, it will become less likely in the next chests. So more rubies gained > less chance of getting one.

But is there a total limit on how many you can get now after 38? Will the world’s luckiest player by RNG will get everything in his talent grids locked out? This also seems to raise the question of: Will chests be sold in the item shop that have a high chance of a ruby? So will the richer players with money be able to get every single talent grid ability, while the rest of us have only 38 and a rare chance at more to use?

This is something I am going to be keeping an eye on! Russia has not launched yet, so this may be for beta purposes only, but it is of an interesting topic.

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