Finding the Leatherworker Trainers in Novograd

Leatherworking is a popular profession. Many often times will choose it, but it can also be a difficult profession. The leatherworking materials are more rare then the tailor materials, but leatherworking provides armor and gear for those whom want leather items. The Raw Family can be found in the Gibberling District. Here is a quick guide with screenshots of how to find them:

Firstly enter the Gibberling District through the gate from the Trade District. When you first enter the Gibberling District you should see something like this on your screen:

Do you see that pot over a fire inbetween those buildings? Go closer to it.

On the right side of the fire you should see a set of triplets, the Raw Family. The Raw Family are the leatherworker trainers!

Here is the location on the map, look for the sparkle:

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