Finding the Mining Trainers in Novograd

So you like to get down and dirty with a pickaxe and digging for treasure? Well you’re in luck! So does the Gloomy Family, who better to be the mining trainer than them? The Gloomy Family can be found in the one and only Gibberling District in Novograd City! Here is how to find them:

Firstly, go through the gateway to the Gibberling District. If you entered through the Trade District you should see this:

Now turn to the right, and if you entered through the Main Market you should see this:

Approach that giant fish (you might want to plug your nose) and go to the right of it:

See those cute little fellas wearing the blue by a bunch of rocks? Go to them, that is the Gloomy Family:

Here is the location on a map (look for the sparkle):

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