Finding the Runes Supply Merchant in Novograd

Did you want to mess with the great powers of the runes? You will need to find a master that knows all about runes and their powers. Who better then the Runes Supply Merchants? The Mysterious Family is in charge of supply these things to the civilians of Kania. Be sure to check our our Runes Reference Guide! Here is how to find them in the Gibberling District:

Now turn to the right, and if you entered through the Main Market you should see this:

Now approach the giant fish and you should see something like:

The Mysterious Family is right behind that giant pot with that stinky fish. If you look to the right or the left you won’t see them. However, if you do turn left or right you should be able to see them:

Left side of the stinky giant fish.

Right side of the giant stinky fish.

The Mysterious Family is right by the ramp to the blue circular building.

Here is the location on the map (look for the sparkle):

  1. December 17th, 2009

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