Finding the Scout (Trickster/Ranger) Trainer in Novograd

Did you choose to follow the art of a long range combat and stealth leatherwearing master? Scouts are also a renowned weapons master being able to use daggers, bows, one handed swords, maces, fist weapons, one handed axes, one handed spears, crossbows, paired daggers, two handed swords, and two handed axes.

The Scout (Gibberling: Trickster | Kanian: Ranger) trainer can be found in the Gibberling District of Novograd. The trainers are the Archobats Family, and the guy you see in front of the other two triplets…has an awesome eyepatch! Arr! Here is how to find the pir—scout trainers.

Firstly, go through the gateway to the Gibberling District. If you entered through the Trade District you should see this:

Now turn to the right, and if you entered through the Main Market you should see this:

That is one big fish! Now approach the giant fish. You may want to plug your nose or try your best to not smell or breath through your nose. Once you are at the giant fish in that giant pot, go to the left of it and you should see this:

Do you see that guy in the red cap above? Go to him. That is the Acrobats Family.

Here is the location on the map (look for the sparkle):

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