The Empire at First Glance – An Introduction.

The Empire is both a ruthless military domain and a highly industrial area, a bustling city of workers, imperial soldiers, all kinds of creatures alive and even the walking dead.

Map of Nezebgrad

Expect to find Spies, Cut Throats, Smugglers and Thieves lurking around every corner and many undesirable foes beneath the city in a number of underground caves, sewers and catacombs.  Whilst some of the wildlife hanging about the city will not attack you unless you provoke them, be warned there are also the devious type that will trip you up as you are passing by.  Monsters inhabiting the more dangerous areas will never let you passed without a fight so be prepared when venturing into any of the sewers or tombs.

Behind the scenes, hardworking goblins keep the machinery working and the city streets clean, but don’t expect all goblins to be friendly for the most part they are as hostile as any other creature you encounter.  Wandering into their encampments unprepared can be very unfortunate for any adventurer and result in an unexpected visit to purgatory.

A Hardworking Goblin

The city is centered about a massive imperial structure which towers above all and is a sight to behold for sure. Within the imperial square you can find the city bank, auction house, crafting guilds, class trainers and of course the beloved innkeeper.   Imperial Army quartermasters are important merchants you must visit if you want the best armor and weapons but be sure you have a trusted reputation with them or they will not sell to you.

A screenshot of the Imperial Building

Imperial Square from the outside

Inside the Imperial Building

The Arisen Room, one of many inside the imperial building.

Nezebgrad Outskirts

The outskirts of the city are a breeding ground for the likes of spiders, snakes, termites and hyenas, and more,  you can find them roaming across the barren terrain hoping for an unsuspecting traveler to cross into their territory.


The Military District

Southbound outside the city walls, is the military district, there are many barracks in which the imperial armies may visit to take rest at the inn, or replenish their supplies.

The Astral Port

To the north of the city is the Astral Harbor, where all potential ship masters and captains must eventually go if they wish to command one of the great imperial ships and fly into the astral in search of glory, comradeship and of course treasure.

Brief History

Historically, the citizens of The Empire were once subjugated and humiliated by the Kanians of the League faction, and bitter resentment still exists between the two and war is always on the horizon.  Unlike the devout League citizens who worship Tensess, Empire citizens consider religion much less significant in their lives.

The Empire is inhabited by three dominant races, The Xanadians, The Orcs and The Arisen.

The “Zealous” Xanadians

Humanoid race that were originally nomadic but after uniting with the Orc and Arisen millennia ago they successfully conquered Kanian lands as their own.

Xanadians are most versatile and can be Warriors, Paladins, Scouts, Healers, Summoners or Psyionists.

The Xanadians Race

The “Brutal” Orcs

Brutish and bulky, the large green-skinned Orcs are considered most simple-minded of all the races. Forced out of necessity to ally with the Arisen and Xanadians they still hope to regain their independence in the future.

Orcs can be seen as Warriors, Paladins, Scouts and Wardens.

The Orcs

The “Brilliant” Arisen

The Arisen are extremely intelligent and most of their time is dedicated to studying science and technology which is the power behind The Empires Military force. Once long ago the arisen were human but now they are undead creatures – part machine, part biological.

Arisen are most suited to the roles of Healer, Summoner,  Psyionist and Mage

The Arisen

You can read more on the history of The Empire and the three races here on the official Allods forum thread.

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