Daily Pilgrimage Quest

The Daily Pilgrimage quest is repeatable and can be completed once per day.  There are 5 Memorials which you need to lay flowers at.  Quite a bit of travelling is involved as each of the 5 memorials are in different sections of the city.
Open your bag and right-click the flowers to activate them. You need to be standing in the correct location.
Below are screenshots of each memorial and the location to lay the flowers in.


Old Square


Bort Quarter


Hadron Quarter




Victory Square - place at the statues feet.

Additional Tip:  While you are here at Victory Sqaure remember to claim your daily treasure chest from south side of the memorial:


    • mab
    • January 1st, 2010

    where do i find the flowers frm to lay them on the memorials??

    • In the Old Square, where you first come out of the sewers, there is a quest giver that gives you the Daily Pilgrimage quest. 5 flowers will be put into your inventory, providing that you have the space.

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