Finding the Alchemy Trainer in Novograd

Do you want to brew potions and elixirs to increase your allies ability to win in a grave fight? Or did you want to learn for profit? Sivoyar Foroksky doesn’t care! He is more then happy to share the art of alchemy for the glory of Novograd. Here is a guide on how to find this patriotic trainer.

Enter the Main Market, this guide will start at the entrance to the Main Market from the Trade District. You should see a giant tower in front of you:

Now, face to the right. You should see this:

Go around the big tower, toward the direction of that big building. On your left you should see something like:

Go toward the stand with the blue curtains.

To the left of the curtained stand (which is the auctioneers) you should see a tipi (or an upside down cone tent). Go closer to it.

As you approached closer to the tipi you should see a man dressed well, in white. Go to him:

You have found the alchemy trainer. Here is him on the map, look for the sparkle:

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