Finding the Blacksmith Trainer in Novograd

Do you want to learn the craft of building heavy armor made of steal to protect the fiercest of warriors? Or perhaps create the next great sword that all of Kania will ever see and the Empire will fear its name? You need to find Volot Kononov, the Blacksmith Trainer. Volot Kononov is a skilled master in the art of crafting with heavy metals.

To find this trainer enter the Main Market through the Trade District. You should see a giant tower in front of you:

Face to the left and you should see this:

Walk in a straight line to the left of the tower until you can clearly see a merchant stand in a building gap:

As you get closer, the stand will become clearer:

See that man standing in front of that stand? That is Volot Kononov!

Here is a map of his location, look at the sparkle:

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