Finding the Disassembler trainer in Novograd

Do you like tearing things up? Well perhaps the profession of a Disassembler would be best for you. Ruta Lemesheva is a brilliant master at taking apart old things nobody uses anymore for leatherworkers and tailors can use the scrapped materials to make a new item. Here is a guide on how to find Ruta Lemesheva, master Disassembler.

Face to the left and you should see this:

Now walk further until you are past the tower. Once you are past the tower make a right:

Now walk straight down, to where the building to the left (picture above) and its steps are to your side:

Now do you see that new gap in the building by the hay stacked up? Go there.

Make sure you don’t feed the horse carrots! But, the woman you see in the pink robe above is the one and only Ruta Lemesheva!

Here is her location on the map (look for the sparkle):

    • Sienna
    • February 4th, 2010

    Great stuff, had a quest to go visit her, but map markers weren’t working. Was looking and talking to every npc inside the tower! oh how wrong i was 🙂

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