Finding the Paladin (Templar/Crusader) Trainer in Novograd

Victor Crowoff is a renowned Paladin all across Kania and is one of the most famous warriors of the Light. Luckily for you, young paladin, Victor Crowoff is more then happy to be your trainer. Here is how to find Victor Crowoff, the Paladin (Elves: Templar | Kanian: Crusader) trainer.
First you need to enter the Main Market. This guide will show you how to find it from the entrance via the Trade District. You should see a giant tower in front of you:

Now, face to the right. You should see this:

As soon as you turned left you should see a tower that is white and a smooth shade of blue next to a building that looks like it is under construction. It should be clear there is an opening in that building. Go to it.

Above is the doorway into the Church of Light, where you can find the Healer trainer. When you enter you should see an npc on a podium:

Face to the left:

The man you see in the above screenshot is Victor Crowoff.

Here is his location on a map (look for the sparkle):

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