Finding the Warrior (Brawler/Champion Trainer in Novograd

So you need to find the Warrior (Gibberling: Brawler | Kanian: Champion) trainer? Well follow this guide and you too can find Dobroboy Bullov, the warrior trainer!

First: Enter the Main Market area of Novograd through the Trade District. You should see a tall tower in front of you:

Face to the left and you should see this:

Now walk further until you are past the tower. Once you are past the tower make a right:

Walk straight down until you reach the end:

To the right you should see an archway:

Go through it and you should see something like this:

Right to the right of that picture, the man standing alone watching the others fight is the warrior trainer:

Don’t challange Dobroboy Bullov do a duel! Rumors are that he’s a master!

Here is his location on the map (look for the sparkle):

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