WarCry: Allods Online: Treason

Jim Moreno has done an excellent write up explaining the first few levels of Allods Online from the League’s and the Empire’s perspective on WarCray. The League has an excellent starting point story and Moreno covered it beautifully.

The articles covers a summary in good detail about what happens in the instanced start of League characters and the mystery behind it all.

Moreno also brings up a valid point, “MMORPGs are undergoing a drastic change, increasing their quality while lowering their price, and Allods Online is the most promising I’ve seen so far under this new business model.”

We’re rooting for Allods Online ourself! Thank you Moreno for a great story and peak into the start of the game.

Reference: Warcray: Allods Online: Trason and Warcry: Allods Online: Invincible

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