Allods Online US Manual Patches?

Provided by spex_

Ever needed Manual Patches? Can’t find them? The staff won’t provide them?

I will!

The following thread has the patches!

Patch notes, on the side note, do not appear as they are only provided by the Administrators and on the Launcher.


The Latest (as of this post) Patch of can be found at the following links: … – FileFront – MegaUpload – MediaFire


1. Open your Allods Online directory (default: C:\ProgramFiles\\Allods Online).
2. Open your Patches folder located inside the Allods Online folder (…\Allods Online\Patches\…)
3. Extract whatever patch required (downloaded above) inside that folder exactly as it is shown in the zipped file.
4. Open the FOLDER that you copied over, not the .patch or .torrent .
5. Locate game.version and copy it over to your Profiles folder (…\Allods Online\Profiles\…), and replace it if it asks.
6. Locate, inside the folder that you copied over [the patch], the SyncVersion.exe .
7. Copy it over to your bin folder and replace it if it asks (…\Allods Online\Bin\…).
8. Re-Name Launcher.exe (unless you acquired the working one) to Launcher0.exe
9. Run it, click the invisible OK and wait.
10. After it’s done patching, close it.
11. Launch Launcher0.exe again IF it did not automatically patch a new Launcher.exe ( a working one).
12. Use the new Launcher.exe to play!

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