Finding the Treasure in Darkwater

Darkwater is a beautiful and yet a dark zone. It is home to many wonders and mysteries. Here is a guide on how to find the treasure in Darkwater. Like Siveria and the Frozen Frontier there is only one treasure.

Firstly teleport to Valir’s Settlement. Then leave the stettlement and head west, or left on your map. Once you are at the bridge, jump off into the water. Swim out to the sea, and down to the Astral Bay. You should see on your map a little island of land with a house on it. Swim to the side of it. Basically follow this red line:

That is really all. Down at where the red line ends on that map is the location of the treasure. This is by far the easiest treasure to get. The reason why it is recommend to swim in the river and out, is because you can easily avoid the mobs on the land, and in the water.

The Sea Crabs have a short aggro range, and are not tough to fight. Here is what the treasure looks like under water:

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