Launcher Corruption Fix!

Provided by spex_


The Launcher.exe, a commonly discussed topic, has been known to cause glitches, errors, and annoy the users.

For the common fix, there is the Repair.exe application which downloads a completely brand new Game data files, basically repairing everything in your Allods directory.

Source for the download:

Another fix which does not require bandwidth would be the manual fix, mind you, one that takes a little time, possibly less than the official fix provided by the Administrators.

The following can be used:

1. Re-name your Launcher.exe, located in your Bin folder (default: C:\ProgramFiles\\Allods Online\Bin\Launcher.exe) to Launcher0.exe
2. Run it.
3. You’ll notice that a window just appeared.
4. Press the invisible OK.
5. Let it patch.
6. Close it when it’s done patching.
7. Re-launch it.
8. Press the invisible OK again.
9. Let it patch.
10. When it’s done, you’ll notice that a new Laucher.exe has been downloaded into your Bin folder.
11. Use it to play!
Why? Simple! Peer to Peer is the way that Allods’ Launcher updates the game files. If you cannot use it, contact your Internet Service Provider in order to enable it!
    • christian
    • March 9th, 2012

    um. i did that already but when i exit my client, i have to repeat everything again. is there a way so that my launcher.exe wont keep getting corrupted after i play?

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