Empire: PvP Tournament – CB2

According to several bystanders this event was not as good as the one held by Tato last night around 9 PM EST. Even GMs showed up, sadly I was out and couldn’t make it to watch.

However, the guilds Silent Warriors and Primal Instinct came together to bring this weekend event at noon (PST). There were sadly a lot of interruptions in this tournament but there sure were some laughs! It was an extremely fun event, hopefully these guilds will come together again to hold another event and hopefully bigger with more excitement!

16-19 Event:
Round 1 Weedsmoker v Antoniius – Antoniius Victory.
Round 2 KillerPoptarts v Nymrenon – Nymernon Victory.
Round 3 Ryansbk v Lepralicious – Lepralicious Victory – However, Banish interrupted.
Round 4 Ratternater v Antoniius – Antoniius
Round 5 Nymrenon v Lepralicious – Nymrenon
Final Round: Nymrenon v Antoniius – This lasted over fifteen minuteS! LesDeus called a truce, they get to split the pot.

1st place: 9g (split = 7g 50s) – TRUCE Nymrenon
2nd place: 6g (split = 7g 50s) – TRUCE Antoniius
3rd place: 3g – Lepralicious

11-15 Event:
Round 1: Machine v Zulukai – Zulukai Victory
Round 2: Raviel v Tihibree – Tihibree Victory
Round 3: specialist v Urok – specialist ran out of arena, due to outsiders attacking. Rematch: specialist Victory
Round 4: specialist v Tihibree: Tihibree Victory
Rematch Round 4 due to complications: specialist v Tihibree – Both died at once. DRAW!
Rematch Round 4 II due to DRAW: specialist v Tihibree: Tihibree Victory
Final Round: Zulukai v Tihibree: Tihibree Victory

Prizes are picked by winners in order: Chest, legs, and some other unnamed items all are blue and BOE and pretty good.


Throughout the event people kept attacking me, so I couldn’t get GREAT shots. I died a couple times; check after the break:

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