Finding your Adventurer’s Stone

Cannot find your Adventurer’s Stone? Many people skip it by looking in wrong places. When people say it is on the gear page they’re right. It is. But, human eyes often times miss things in plain sight.

It is a gold icon, and look at this character page. Follow the red arrows, look at the circled button. That is your Adventurer’s Stone. It takes you back to your bound place. If you don’t have one visit a June Ruin to bound yourself to one. But everyone usually gets one.

Your stone is very useful for stuck situations as well.

Sadly, everyone doesn’t get one by default.

That is why as soon as you hit your FIRST bind location, usually around level 4 on League and Empire side, you need to bind yourself in order to get the stone. Ancient June Ruins look like:

These exist on both, League and Empire sides.

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