PvP Tournament – Empire Side

Come on down to the Nezebgrad City Arena! The great Silent Warriors caln and the Primal Instrinct guild comes together to bring you an amazing PvP Tourney! Thats right! A PvP Tournament! Been dying for some PvP?

Closed beta ends on December 15th. Right now as of this posting it is December 12. At 3 PM EST today! (12:00 PM PST). So, why not spend the last weekend you’d have with Allods Online until the next closed beta test go out with a kick? A kick that is PvP and not PvE dungeons and leveling!

Rules: Levels 16-19 3v3 teams. 11-15 2v2 teams.

Prize: 16-19 gold. 11-15 BoE blue items!

The Novograd Times will be watching this event, as I’m sure others would be too. Only downside is, I feel it was announce too close to the actual event to see a high number of teams come together, but we’re going to have fun anyway!

Hope to see you all down there! I’ll be representing the Novograd Times as Zar.

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