Interview with Tato, PvP Nut

Today I had the honor of interviewing a PvP nut, Tato. Tato is a renowned PvP master among the NA community. He has set up a very successful PvP event that was a lot of fun (sadly I missed it). GMs even showed up, so it sounded sweet. (Click for a video for a part of it). It even looks great. Hopefully we’d see more stuff like this!

Now, without further ado, here is the interview with the one and only Tato, an Arisen Psionicist!

Me: Hello there Tato! Can you tell us a bit about yourself?
Tato: Hi, sure my class isa Psionicist and I’m crazy for pvp #1 thing. I love to do mostly in mmorpgs and its like I like to focus on when I start a gaine. ^^
Me: When did you start playing Allods Online?
Tato: I started playing Allods in the first closed beta test for the NA version. ^^. And I’m loving it. =P
Me: The EU GMs confirmed a few days ago that they’re already planning an expansion for Allods, are you in the slightest curious about it?
Tato: Yes I am hoping they add more PvP content into the game. So far I’ve only read that Goblinball and Holy Lands (open world PvP) is the only thing there for guys like me. So it would be nice to see some battlegrounds or other mini PvP games.
Me: So far in this game, how do you like the FFA arena the exists outside of the capital cities?
Tato: I’m loving it. Great idea, you would think not many people would go but a lot of high levels (for the moment) always hang around there. ^^. Its mostly for levels on Empire side though. =P And so far the only class I lose to are shamans. Plus it’s a great way to meet new players.
Me: If they can add any type of dueling, PvP, arena, or battleground mechanisms, what would you want to be added?
Tato: Like a capture the flag battleground or open world capture the flag or capture the base. Something where teamwork is what helps us win and not just stacking one class for the most damage getting kills. Something to actually make us play as a team.
Me: Many mmorpgs have a dueling system? Would you like a system where you can duel a player anywhere, or would you much rather to do it down at the arena?
Tato: Well the arena is nice for it, but people tend to jump in too much. A dueling system would be a great installment in my opinion. It would be really good and I know a lot of people would like it. So yes, I would love to see that added.
Me: In other mmorpgs, what were your favorite PvP mechanics?
Tato: My first mmorpg was Guild Wars and my favorite part about that game was the Guild v Guild system. It was great cause I’m more of a social gamer/teamplayer and that form of PvP was great. You had to fight for a guild and protect your guild hall (basically it was your base). It was great, I’ve always been a fan.
Me: In other mmorpgs, what were your pet peeves?
Tato: Hmm, trying to think lol. I’m a PvP man at heart so all PvP even bad PvP is good to me. =P. To be honest, I can’t really think of PvP I hated in other mmos I’ve played AoC, GW, Darkfall, Warhammer, WoW and some free mmorpgs.
Me: Looking forward to PvP afkers? =P
Tato: Always =] means fear glory and free kills. lol.
Me: In WoW me and my friend used to go to the Alliance cave and kill the afkers in AV.
Tato: I’m so dedicated to PvP and hating leveling. That I played WoW for over 2 years and never got a toon past level 57. Only played 19 twinks the WHOLE time.
Me: So far, how are you liking your class?
Tato: So far I’m loving my class even though I did mess up on some talent rubies and I gimped myself. ><. This class is awesome just takes some time getting used to it and stuff. But I’m loving it. It reminds me of a mesmer class in Guild Wars ^^ Psi #1! =]
Me: Besides being able to kill a shaman, what would you like to be able to do with your class?
Tato: Scouts, lol. The little suckers stunlock me to death 70% of the time if they get off the first hit. >>. And when they stealth it’s even worse :<.
Me: How often do people interfere when you are fighting 1 on 1 in the arena?
Tato: Depends. When it’s mostly 20s not a lot. When there’s low levels everytime. Since they see us 20s they get scared of jumping in but to be honest we don’t even kill low leels as much as we could/should lol.
Me: Are you looking forward to Astral ships PvP?
Tato: Yes sir! ^^ Mostly for the part that I get to board the ships and attack other people in the ship. Ship battles themself doesn’t interest me least not much for now. But it’s a new sick aspect/idea to PvP like that. So I can’t wait to see it.
Me: The rumored cost is 1500 gold, looking forward to that?
Tato: In AoC you had to bring in thousands and thousands of resources just to get from a t1 guild town to t2. So 1500g yes, its a lot but inbetween guildies I’m sure that the money will upcome made quick. But to directly answer the question, no I’m not.

A big thanks to Tato for taking the time at showing us a PvP opinion of the game! Here are some screenshots:

    • Russian Elite
    • January 23rd, 2010

    lol sucker

    • Aspersio
    • January 19th, 2010

    Tato’s my boy!

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