NA Closed Beta 2 EXTENDED by a WEEK!

Sad that CB2 was coming to a close? Don’t be sad! It was just announced within the last hour that Closed Beta 2 will be extended until December 21st instead of the 15th! An extra week!

In honor of this, the Novograd Times has additional closed beta keys! Check out our Closed Beta Keys page for a how-to-get-a-key guide and the installing and redeeming the key guide! Click here to go!

There will also be lots of give-a-ways coming up from Allods Online NA!

The news article:

Due to the overwhelming call for additional time to play through the current content, as well as the upcoming holiday, we are pleased to announce that Closed Beta 2 will be extended through Dcember 21st! That gives you an extra week to enjoy all that the game has to offer!!

Additionally, we have a lot of great giveaways and events lined up for CBT #3, so keep your eyes peeled for that! We are extremely thankful for all the support and feedback that you have given us during the first two closed betas, so please keep it up!

Reference: Allods NA News Feed

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