Opinion: Fatigue Cap

The Allods Online community is split on the fatigue mechanic. Everything you do in Allods Online that earns experience gives you full experience. However, you get that same amount of experience you gained as fatigue also. So let’s say you turned in a quest that said worth 500 experience; so you gain 500 experience. Your fatigue will also gain 500 experience.

When you visit an innkeeper, you turn your fatigue experience into real experience pushing you closer to leveling. A kill worth 50 experience, also gives 50 experience to your fatigue. However, your fatigue is capped at a certain number (it increases per level).

A lot of players have a hard time reaching the fatigue cap. Some others can reach it with ease. If you continue questing once you achieved the cap, you don’t get the bonus experience. Because of this, and you keep questing you’d be thrown off the questing curve. So you have to do something else besides quest. Grind, professions, hang out in a city, PvP, etc.

Right now this is causing a problem, as the only thing you really can do is PvP in the arena or grind reputation for great gear. Or you can grind. Some others will just farm the instances until they’re bored and log off. Even others will go out and help low levels with their quests.

The fatigue cap does cause a lot of the higher levels to return to the lower zones or locks them into grinding.

Heartless Gamer recently stated:

The fatigue system in Allods Online is pretty smart. Players have a fatigue pool that is filled every time they gain experience. … This is a smart visual way to prevent players from feeling shortchanged. …

Secondly, the system encourages players to do other things. Each day the fatigue system sets a soft cap on how much experience gaining a player should be doing. Players that push past that soft cap are never prevented from doing so. Players that hit the soft cap and want to stop, don’t feel punished for doing other things because realistically they are only missing out on 50% XP gain. This allows for and encourages social behavior. …

Lastly, fatigue rewards the casual player. Only getting an average of thirty minutes a day to play has not made me feel left out in Allods. I can complete a few quests, get some fatigue gain, hit up an innkeeper and feel comfortable that progress was made. I often think of it as double experience every time I log in since so many of my friends are often playing well past maxed fatigue.

However, a lot of people dislike the fatigue cap. There is a large forum thread with a petition to remove the fatigue cap. People are calling the cap stupid. A mmorpg killer.

But, some argue that the fatigue cap is a good idea, but it should be disabled for the beta, so people can continued to, er, “test”.

To many it seems the pros outweigh the cons. How do you feel about the fatigue cap? I for one actually enjoy it.

  1. January 20th, 2010

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