Finding the Scout (Stalker/Marauder) Trainer in Nezebgrad

Spike the Nimble is the primary scout (Xadaganian: Stalker | Orc: Marauder) trainer for the Empire. He can be found in the sub level of the grand capital of the Empire, Nezebgrad City. Here is a quick guide on how to find him.

Firstly enter the tower in the Imperial Square. Known as Yasker’s Tower. You should see this as the first floor:

There are stair cases going up, and doorways. And in the center of the floor there are two stair cases going downward. We want to go to the sub level to find the Scout trainer. So this means go down! Choose a staircase! Either one (they seem the same from different angles anyway):

When you go down, it should look like above for either staircase. Look at the open doors. If you see this symbol above the doors, go into that room. If not, go around the staircase (just walk around, don’t go up).

Enter the room:

And look to the right:

See that orc? That’s Spike the Nimble!

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