rerollz Interviews Katelyn Olmstead, Allods Online (NA) Community Manager

It looks like the Allods Online community manager, Katelyn Olmstead did an interview with rerollz (a known mmorpg news source).

Katelyn took the time to answer several questions in amazing detail! Here are our favorite points:


Katelyn: When Allods Online was developed the designers considered this particular point extensively. Ultimately they made the design decision to not include auto-attack. Instead, the combat and game mechanics were designed very carefully, where having an auto-attack would put the players at an extreme disadvantage. Each class (and character) has so many useful skills that players should be cycling through them regularly to ensure the best rotation and maximum damage (and healing) done.

Mob hit point reduction + more exp for kills

Katelyn: It is no secret that the western audience has a significantly lower tolerance for the grind than those in Asia, and even Europe. Because of this we have had to work with the developer to make a number of adjustments to make the game more “western friendly”. As you mentioned, one of these things was the mob HP, as well as experience gained. These two simple changes were enough to make the game feel significantly less like a grind and more about experiencing the content. The player response has been overwhelmingly positive. As the feedback continues to come in we will continue to make changes and adjustments as needed.

Forced crash shop?

Katelyn: We are still ironing out exactly what we would like to do with the Allods Online cash shop but we can assure you that any decisions we make will be with the players ideas and concerns in mind. We understand that the cash shop can make it or break it for many people, and we want to make sure that it is a completely positive experience. While I can’t say for sure what will exactly be available, I can say that no player will ever be forced to spend money to enjoy the game.

Also the detail that the game has been under development for four years has been released. Impressive timeline considering the small budget of 12 million in my opinion.

Reference: rerollz.

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