Finding the Auctioneers in Nezebgrad City

In Yasker’s Tower, on the first floor there is an auctioneer gathering. The auctioneers are very helpful for when you need to sell stuff or buy things quickly. Here is how you find the auctioneers in Nezebgrad.

Firstly, enter Yasker’s Tower (the only giant building in Imperial Square). And you should then see the first floor:

You will need to go up a short flight of stairs (which I still consider the first floor) to find the auctioneers. Go to the side of the first floor that has two men standing in between the water fountains and statue. They should look like this, with their backs to a wall:

Go up the small flight of stairs on the same side as the guy dressed in light blue/white in the screenshot above.

Once up those stairs turn right, and look down. You should see some open doors:

Walk to those open doors and look inside. If it looks like the screenshot below, you’ve found the right room:

Enter that room seen above, and turn to the right. You should see a podium, and some small steps with people on top of it.

Go up to it and talk to one of the humans there. Those are your auctioneers:

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