Empire 1v1 Ladder Event Notes and match winners

1v1 ladder event. These are in order as I (Zar on Empire side) saw it!


Notbomberman v Holypoptarts – Notbomberman victory
Emotional v Sareth – Sareth victory
Zeeeps v Amebix – Amebix victory
Healtron v Cainpain – Healtron victory
Warcry v Hanker – WarCry victory
TankOnAPlane v Archay – Archay victory
Zagar v Gexalo – Gexalo victory
Ryansbk v Water – Ryansbk victory
xShatter v doza – xShatter
Misfire v Jhazvhug – Misfire victory
BigShot v Venomn – BigShot victory

Notbomberman v Icyle – Notbomberman victory
Vajoojoo v Godspet – Vajoojoo victory
Healtron v WarCry – Healtron victory
Sareth v Amebix – Sareth victory
Archay v Gexalo – Gexalo victory
xShatter v Misfire – xShatter victory
Ryansbk v BigShot – Bigshot victory

Notbomberman v Healtron – Healtron victory
xShatter v Vajoojoo – Vajoojoo victory
Sareth v Gexalo – Gexalo victory

Sareth v BigShot – Sareth victory
Gexalo v Healtron – Healtron
Sareth v Vajoojoo – Sareth

FINAL MATCH: Healtron v Sareth


Amebix shredded Zeeeps into pieces!

Warcry and Hanker’s match was close, WarCry quickly came back up and smashed Hanker.

Zagar dropped health and came back up. Gexalo dropped to half and ended up coming back up quickly and destroying Zagar!

In the xShatter v doza match, xShatter ran in circles and kept doza chasing him, eventually winning by a fire spam! Nice job! Perfect display at controlling your opponent.

Misfire tore up Misfire faster then a blink of the eye!

Vajoojoo used the same tactic xShatter used on doza and secured the match!

The Sareth v Amebix match was fun! And long! Both stayed at top health for a while and restored! This looked like the first match that can breach five minutes! Amebix dropped down to a low health and raised back up! Then Ambebix died!

The Archay v Gexalo match had a lot of running, both were trying to control the other. But Gexalo had the upperhand and kept Archay at low health through most of the match!

However, there was a lot of interference in the Ryansbk v BigShot match sadly. There was a decision to do a rematch. Ryansbk won the first match. The rematch was much better with BigShot victory!

The Notbomberman v Healtron match in the third ladder was great! It was one of the better openings! Zar and iLead were able to get in to take screenshots safely Yay! It was a fun match to watch!

The judges believe this match was going to be the match of the century! This was a difficult call at first! Sareth versus Gexalo! Both of them showed great skill in the game in earlier ladder matches. It looks like Sareth would’ve won, and he did a good job at keeping himself alive while fighting Gexalo while a skeleton was fighting him. However, it was considered interference. Judges called a rematch!

So now there is a rematch of Sareth v Gexalo! Sareth and Gexalo both dropped low but both made a good comeback! However Gexalo finally overpowered Sareth and claimed victory!

Sareth v Bigshot felt short! BigShot fell fast against Sareth!

Healtron v Gexalo lasted a good while! Gexalo stayed at about half health most the match while Healtron kept himself healed up and led a smooth ride through the match! This was one of the more exciting matches in my opinion! Healtron won!

The fight of Sareth and Vajoojoo, by standards had high hopes for but Vajoojoo quickly dropped down to low health and stayed there for a while. Sareth dropped down to half health and knocked Vajoojoo out.

BigShot was brought in due to bracket issues, which was the only resolution, as sad by LunDeus, a host and judge.

Final match showdown! Sareth v Healtron! It was an exciting star! Lots of abilities and pretty colors flying at each other! But both staying at high health. Many people pre called this a tie! But both dropped down to a bout a thid health and no signs of rezzing up.

Sareth and Healtron called a draw. Due to their ‘hands’ hurting! But they provided a good few minutes of entertainment. However they both fought again, and Sareth quickly dropped to half health while Healtron lost quickly! Sareth is the winner!

This was a great match! With the appearence of Haz being a great bouncer helping with the interference and clearing of bodies and rezzing the reporters! It was a very enjoyable match! Thanks for the great turn out!

First place – Sareth; 15 gold
Second place – Healtron; 10 gold
Third place – Vajoojoo; 5 gold

Top five got a GM prize. The top five were Sareth, Healtron, Vajoojooo, Gexalo and xShatter! The GM Prizes were:

Runner ups got 5 Waters of Death and Life!
The winner got a level 9 rune. 5 Waters of Death and Life!
LunDeus got one water of Death and Life for hosting the event!

Here are screenshots that I took (I played Zar). Sadly I couldn’t become invisible to take better ones. XP. Enjoy! iLead’s will be up shortly afterwords!

Screenshots after the break. ^^. Click below to see all 75 screenshots!

Be sure to check out iLead’s photos!

  1. [IMG]http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y170/crunkjuiceflow/tournamentresults.jpg[/IMG]

    link to a picture of the actual brackets with results

    • Thanks. Added. =]

  1. December 18th, 2009
  2. December 20th, 2009

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