A long and awaited feature of Allods Online is Goblinball! Some would say it is Gnome Football, but this is better! You can actually play this game, and you get to kick those mean goblins around. It seems mean…until you kick the ball for the first time.

Besides, the goblins may like it for all we know. (Those damn Gibberlings, they have the cuteness factor going for them). So far what we know:

– Teams are of six players.
– Was created by an unknown inventor, perhaps of other worldly orgin.
– It stopped the orcs from killing each other, allowing their population to finally grow.
– It helped the orcs with their high overdose of energy.
– There will be a daily quest to play Goblinball.
– The level of which you get to start playing is unknown.
– Goblins are actual balls.
– The game is like soccer.
– Winning team needs to score nine points.
– A game lasts up to a half an hour. Sometimes there will be a three minute match.
– Local residents of the Goblinball stadium are all connected to it in someway.

Can’t wait! Can you?

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