Patch is out.

Today when people logged onto the NA client of the Novograd Times they would have to download a quick (and light) patch with some game updates. This is patch

Spex’s manual patch is out:
MediaFire download now.
FileFront download now.

Please note, that Spex_’s manual patches are not official, nor officially endorsed by Gala-Net. They’re meant for people who have problems with the p2p client as another way of getting the patch. Check out the forum topic for more information.

If you need help with manual patches please be sure to check out Spex’s topic!

  1. Noticed some things from this patch:

    Lag has gotten from good to bad (lag in skills and rez of NPCs): I used to run this game pretty well. I hope they fix this in the next update.

    Everyone on my friends list has disappeared. Looking for them now will require a little bit of memory using. LOLZ

    • spex_
    • December 18th, 2009

    Also, for references, the Patches are NON-OFFICIAL!
    These are not Gala-Net patches, they’re from me!
    Note that loads of people have used them, none reported any “viruses” or such harmful things!


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