Closed Beta Two Drawing to a Close

It’s Sunday here in ever not so sunny California. :]. And it is the twentieth. It was announced on December 13, 2009, just one week ago that the second closed beta of Allods Online was extended by a week due to demand. :]. It was also confirmed that there will be a third closed beta test.

As of right now, this post is schedule to automatically post. :3. Because I’m up in Los Angeles currently with my dad and brothers. We’re going to see Avatar today. I’d likely have my laptop with me for the morning before it. Or be back where I live somewhere at night today.

Tomorrow is Monday, the last day of the second closed beta for the North America version, and it’ll be a day, I’d assume would be a goodbye for many. Last day of play, and enjoying the game before the downtime for an undisclosed period of time. I will personally be hopping in game on Azar (League) and Zar (Empire) to ask people how they liked the second closed beta.

When these answers are compiled, they’d be posted on the Novograd Times. :].

Thanks for reading folks!

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